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Function of Appeals Authority

  • To receive complaints and appeals in respect of procurement processes or decisions made by government or its institutions in relation to public procurement.
  • To review decisions made by Accounting Officers in relation to procurement processes.
  • To review decisions made by PPRA with respect to Blacklisting of Tenderers.
  • To order for a Corrective action where it is found that there breach of Procurement Procedures.

What PPAA does

  • It reviews the contested procurement issues in order to resolve them within shortest time.
  • It clarifies issues in dispute amongst parties.
  • It orders for measures of redress where it is found that there were breaches in the procurement process.
  • It Orders for corrective measures where it is found that either party did not comply with the law (Ordering for compliance).
  • It may order for payment of reasonable compensation on either party.

       “Section 97(5) of the PPA/2011 provides for remedies that can be granted by PPAA”

Please Note.

  •  Appeals or Complaints handled by the Appeals Authority are only those which relate to the procurement process prior to the award of the Tender( Pre-award) and those that relate to the Award of Tender.
  • Appeals or Complaints relating to execution of contracts are outside the mandate of this Appeals Authority.


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