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The Public Procurement Appeals Authority commonly referred to as the PPAA was initially established in 2001 under the former Public Procurement Act No.3 of 2001 which was repealed and replaced by the Public Procurement Act No 21 of 2004) (Cap 410). The Public Procurement Act No 21 of 2004 was also repealed and replaced by the enacted Public Procurement Act No 7 of 2011 which re-established the PPAA as an independent Appeals Authority under Section 88.

PPAA under Section 88 (5) of PPA 2011 is a dispute organ responsible for determining complaints/Appeals arising from public procurement processes with a view to check compliance with the law.  PPAA is also vested with powers under (S.62(6) of PPA 2011) to determine all complaints arising from blacklisting of tenderers.

PPAA has been established in order to have an independent mechanism through which complaints and appeals arising from public procurement process could be quickly solved within the shortest time

The Key Objectives of PPAA are:-

  • Providing an independent avenue through which aggrieved bidders could submit their complaints in respect of public procurement procurement process especially in the relation to Tendering and allow the process to be checked.
  • To provide for a mechanism which could deal with procurement complaints and appeals using alternative dispute resolution mechanisms outside the court system and allow speed resolution of disputes so as not to delay the implementation of government project or programs.
  • To allow for corrective action to be instituted where it is determined that there were breaches committed in the procurement process.
  • To provide supplemental oversight over the use of Public Funds over and above the tradition oversight mechanisms through bidders complaints.  

Function of Appeals Authority

Vision and Mission


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